Meet the Team

Meet the team …….

Our team currently consists of 5 Multi-Purpose K9’s and 3 dedicated Trailing K9. The Multi-purpose K9’s are either pure bred Belgian Malinois or Dutch Sheppard x Belgian Malinois cross. These K9’s are the perfect all rounders with high drive and a love to work. Every day is an adventure for these K9’s and they look forward to every job.

A decision was made to make our Multi-Purpose K9’s able to detect various forms of contraband rather than have scent specific K9’s that would require specific K9’s being called on depending on the task at hand. The joy of this is no matter what task is at hand all our K9’s are able to search vehicles, buildings, bags and do field searches for any of the contraband we have deemed necessary.

Multi-purpose isn’t multi-purpose with out being able to do multiple jobs. Our multi-purpose K9’s are also accomplished man trackers. Their trailing is is not scent specific as this enables us to trail varying numbers of suspects at one time. These K9’s are used for leap frogging where necessary as well as for short intensity tracks, where time is of the essence.

The last facet of the Multi-purpose K9 is in protection of the handler as well as an apprehension assistant should they be required.

Our dedicated trailing hound is a Bloodhound x Doberman cross and a very accomplished man trailing K9. He has the ability to back track as well making him an incredibly useful tool in being able to confirm suspects activities on the reserve once apprehended. Khala, a full blooded Bloodhound, has joined the team to fulfil a role as a back up cold trail hound and then we have Storm a young BlueTick Coonhound that is in training to become a future tracking fiend.

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